L.D. Bell Blue Raider Booster Club

The L.D. Bell Blue Raider Football Booster Club is organized as a non-profit according to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our mission is to stimulate and sustain positive interaction between the L.D. Bell Blue Raider Football Booster Club, parents, student athletes, coaching staff, the L.D. Bell High School (“BHS”) student body and the community. We will endeavor to lend all possible support, financial and nonfinancial, to the activities of the BHS football program within guidelines specified by the HEBISD Board of Education, the HEB Director of Athletics, the BHS Athletics Coordinator, the BHS Administration, the BHS football coaching staff and UIL guidelines and regulations.

Executive Board Members

Dustin Alexander

Phone: 817.781.5798 Email: dustin_a@swbell.net

Stacie Ingram

Vice President
Phone: 682.936.0480 Email: sre1030@yahoo.com 

Chris Atkins

Phone: 817.832.4783  Email: treasurer@ldbellfootball.org

Melissa Meaders

Phone: 817.723.0117 Email: Meaders1m@gmail.com

Michael & Vanessa Ornelas

Varsity Team Director
Phone: 817.881.9037 Email: ornelastwins2000@aol.com

Brad Anderson

Fundraising Director
Phone: 817.946.4703 Email: bradbrandi7830@gmail.com

Randy Beckham

Football Program Director
Phone: 682.304.8867 Email: rbeckham06@yahoo.com

Pam Moon

Communications Director
Phone: 817.320.3471 Email: moonsinbedford@yahoo.com

Dr. Marnie Choate

Junior Varsity Team Director
Phone: 817.528.3969 Email: marniechoate@hebisd.edu

Lisa Holley

Membership Director
Phone: 817.284.7833 Email: lisaholley@redappleschool.org

Committee Chairpersons

Victoria Beckham

Banquet Committee Chair
Phone: 817.312.8218 Email: vmbeckham@yahoo.com

Janell Moore

Locker Room Decorations Committee Co-Chair
Phone: 817.798.4817 Email: janellmoore@hebisd.edu

Desirée Roberson

Audit Committee Chair
Phone: 817-845-1503 Email: desiree@therobersons.com

Courtney Nelson

Coaches Meal Committee Chair
Phone: 817.975.0763 Email: courtneydylancole@yahoo.com

Brian Meaders

Tunnel Committee Chair
Phone: 817.723.0117 Email: Thunderbird5@sbcglobal.net

Ben & Heidi Tune

Spirit Wear Committee Chair
Phone: 817.723.8863 Email: ben.tune@gmail.com Email: heidi.tune@gmai...


Homecoming Committee Chair
Phone: Email:


Varsity Meal Committee Chair
Phone:  Email: