2017 North Crowley Stadium Information

  • September 7, 2017

Below is information sent to us from Crowley ISD regarding their stadium rules.

1.  No Loitering: This policy is designed to enhance crowd control and safety. All spectators will need to be seated in the stadium during the course of any athletic event. This change will impact students and young children who have traditionally gathered in areas around the stadium or under the bleachers. Younger students who are dropped off with adult supervision will be required to sit in the general admission section throughout the entire game. Students K through 4 should be accompanied by an adult.
2.  No outside Music/PA Systems Allowed in the Stadium. Visitors must use the Crowley ISD/Panther Stadium PA system.
3.  Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are prohibited, by law, on school property. Tobacco products in any form (such as cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, cigars, etc.) are not allowed in and/or around the stadium.
4.  Glass containers and Bottles are not allowed in the stadium.
5.  Individual Coolers, Ice Chests, Large Food or Beverage Containers are not allowed in the stadium.
6.  No Sunflower Seeds.
7.  No Outside Food or Drink is allowed to be sold at our stadium including inside the gates, in the parking lots, or street.
8.  Backpacks and Large Bags are subject to search.
9.  Patrons Who Leave the Stadium will not be allowed to re-enter without paying.
10. Animals are not allowed in the stadium, unless it is an authorized service animal.
11. Bicycles, Skates, Skateboards, Frisbees, Rollerblades and Balls of All Types are not allowed in the stadium.
12. Authorized Personnel Only will be admitted onto the field before, during, or after the game.
13. Authorized Personnel Only will be allowed to cross over to the opposing side.
14. Gates will open 1 ½ hours prior to game time.

While fun, enjoyment and school spirit are important, safety is our #1 concern at Crowley ISD These rules were established with that in mind.

Directions to Panther Stadium

North Crowley High School
9100 S. Hulen Street
Fort Worth, TX 76123